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EMS System Package

ENSAT Complete EMS Package Includes the Following
See specific module to purchase an individual EHS module (or contact ENSAT @ 540- 825-9083)
  1. A complete copy of the EMS System as shown on this website.
  2. 40 hours of staff time to customize the EMS Product to your needs, including 1 day of an ENSAT professional onsite at your facility to assist with the development of your EMS system and training of facility staff.  This person visiting the facility will be a trained environmental professional.  
The step involved with the installation and customization of the ENSAT EMS Product are:
  1. ENSAT provides an exact copy of the EMS Program as shown in this EMS Demonstration site. This includes the GOOGLE Sheets template workbooks shown in this demonstration product.  It takes ENSAT about 48 hours to get a copy of the EMS Product ready to use.  
    • ENSAT puts your company's logo at the top left of the page so your staff see a fully customized EHS resource.  The client needs to provide ENSAT will a JPEG image of their logo to use this feature.  
    • The horizontal and vertical tool bar background colors are changed to match the colors in our client's logo.   
    • ENSAT sets up a user access for the copied site, including all workbooks and resources. 
    • The workbooks are copied and set up on the new user's Google Drive
    • The Google Calendar associated with the new clients user name is set up and inserted into the new EMS site.
    • ENSAT removes EHS product marketing information from the new client specific EMS system. 
  1. ENSAT and client participate in a webinar to go over the client customization requirements. Many of the customization requirements can be made during the actual webinar. Tabs that the client does not intend to use are removed from the viewable site but can be shown at a future date if needed.  
  2. The client receives log in credentials to their EMS Product and can begin to use the site immediately.  
  3. ENSAT conducts a site visit to assist the client with the implementation of the system.   This includes training on how to customize the system using standard GOOGLE tools included with the package.  
  4. ENSAT will work with the client to completely populate 1 module of the program with client specific data as part of the training program. 
  5. The client can then populate and customize any or all of other modules to meet their needs.  
Clients are leasing a cloud based product that utilizes the GOOGLE APPS FOR BUSINESS software product line to create a great EHS product.  Our client's have access to the full suite of GOOGLE cloud application tools through ENSAT's GOOGLE account.  These include: 
  • Google Sites; The App that drives this program.  
  • Google Sheets:  Google's Spreadsheet App that is used for all workbooks.  
  • Google Docs:   Google's word processing program
  • Google Email Account:  The system functions around a Google email address.  All users receive a Google Gmail address which becomes the log in.  Many client use there corporate email address and only use the gmail address for logging in to the system.
  • Google Drive:  Cloud based server where for the storage of all types of media
  • Google Slides; Google's version of publisher.  Google slide presentation can be inserted into a Google sites page with the click of a button.
  • Google Calendar:  A fully functional Google calendar for keeping track of EHS requirements.  
The initial charge for the EMS product covers ENSAT's time and effort customizing the product to meet a specific client's needs.  Additionally, ENSAT charges a small monthly site maintenance fee based on the number of authorized users associated with the client's account.