A Master MSDS/SDS File

MSDS/SDS Master File

MSDSs can be uploaded to an ENSAT EMS page via 2 methods;
1) Upload PDF from your computer (searchable is best) is the preferred method.
2) Connect via a web link (documents not stored directly on the system cannot be searched).  

Users can test the search feature by entering information contained on the sheet in the search box located in the upper right hand corner of this page.  
1) Enter the Chemical CAS # "1928-43-4" 
2) Enter the name "white out"
3) Enter Chemical Name "2,4-D"
4) Enter Manufacturers name "Loveland"
5) any other word found in the PDF attached below.

ENSAT suggest that firms use the name as shown on the container as the "file name" to make it for people to find MSDS when needed.  Comments on an MSDS/SDS can be entered in the text box to help users better manage and search the data.  

This page can be easily printed to provide a complete list of all chemical used by a facility.  

To transfer an electronic link to any other EMS page or EMS workbook
1) View the document that needs to be linked using the view button, 
2) Highlight and copy the URL of the viewed page (URL address bar @ top of page), 
3) Go/open the EMS page/workbook where the link will be posted,
4) In an EMS workbook- put the cursor on the cell and click the cell.  Go to the "insert" tab at the top of the screen/workbook so the drop down screen opens.  Click "Insert Link" tab on the drop down tool bar and follow Google instructions.
5) To an EMS page - Click edit page (pencil tool at top right of page).  Click the "Insert" tool at the upper upper left hand corner of the screen.   A drop down tool bar will be displayed.  Click the "link" tool and follow Google Instructions.  
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MSDS revised 2012. This is a link to a web based MSDS.   Jul 7, 2015, 8:53 AM Bill Graves
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This is a searchable PDF  1183k v. 1 Jul 7, 2015, 8:53 AM Bill Graves