This is the ENSAT EHS System SDS/MSDS Module.  It is used to maintain SDSs/MSDSs for all materials used by a facility.  It meets the requirements for a written chemical inventory list of the materials used by a facility.  

OSHA stipulates that employers should know what chemicals they have in their facilities and that there is a corresponding safety data sheet for each. 

ENSAT recommends that the documents be loaded as searchable PDF's to enhance the usability of these documents.  These PDF are very effective using "GOOGLE" search capabilities and tools that are standard with our system.  The ENSATEMS base module comes with the sub categories shown below :

Users can upload either PDF's or web links (URLs) where available.  All documents can be opened, viewed, and printed directly from the system.  

The ENSAT EMS MSDS/SDS Module is designed to provide the user with maximum flexibility in how and where data is managed.  MSDS/SDSs can be uploaded 1 at time or in bulk format.  

Clients using the ENSAT EMS system can upload MSDS/SDS directly to the system at no cost. Simply create a PDF and upload directly from any computer.  

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