General Requirements (1910.132)

Related Terms 
Although there are some distinctions among some of the following, these terms have been used by
cited sources to convey substantially similar or overlapping meanings to job safety analysis (JSA).
  • Advanced job analysis (AJA)
  • Ergonomic task analysis (ETA)
  • Job analysis (JA)
  • Job breakdown (JB)
  • Job hazard analysis (JHA)
  • Job hazard assessment (JHA)
  • Job hazard breakdowns (JHB)
  • Job method analysis (JMA)
  • Job/task analysis (JTA)
  • Job training analysis (JTA)
  • Hazard breakdowns (HB)
  • Methods safety analysis (MSA)
  • On-the-job safety analysis (OTJSA)
  • Proper job analysis (PJA)
  • Safety analysis (SA)
  • Task analysis (TA)
  • Task analysis for productivity, cost efficiency and risk assessment (TAPCERA)
  • Task analysis for productivity, ergonomics and safety (TAPES)
  • Total job analysis (TJA)