Waste Stream List

Waste Streams Listing
This module is used to maintain characterization information on waste that are generated by a facility. The type of information maintained as part of a waste stream characterization often includes:
  • Analytical Certificates
  • Process Description Generating Wastes
  • SDSs/MSDSs (Suggest that these documents be maintained in SDS/MSD module and linked to the waste stream using system links)
  • Point of generation
  • Vender Waste profiles
  • 3rd party links to other supporting information
  • Links to Disposal Facility/Manifest Module
Manifests for the shipment of a waste stream are stored in the disposal facility/Manifest module by disposal facility for ease of reporting.

Typical Waste Streams  

ENSAT's EMS system is set up for the following waste streams that are commonly generated by facilities. 
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