E-Form Waste Area Weekly Inspections

E-Form Waste Area Weekly Inspections

This is a basic waste area inspection form utilized in the ENSATEMS system.  It is typical of the forms that can be used almost anywhere in the ENSAT EMS system for the collection and management of compliance data.  Forms can be easily modified and created to meet a specific clients requirements.  Data input form can be accessed via any smart phone or tablet.  This allows clients to complete a form during an actual inspection.  

The content of a completed form is automatically saved by the system in an easy to access format.  The system provides a Summary of Responses tool that provides quick and easy summary of the form data.  Responses can easily be downloaded into excel for further evaluation. 

Forms can also include a link to dashboard for additional information on the topic of interest.  A sample link is included in the form on this page.  This form is live and can be test driven.  Test input data can be viewed at: 

Weekly Waste Inspection

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