Establishing a Waste Management Program

Establishing a Waste Management Program
  1. Identify & list the waste streams your facility generates;  Facilities can use the ENSAT EHS System list as a good starting point.  <Link to ENSAT EHS List>
  2. Characterize the waste stream on the list.  <link to ENSAT Technical Resource Dashboard Resources for characterizing waste>
  3. Determine the point of generation (process/location) for waste that are characterized as hazardous.  If containers are staged at these areas to accumulate waste, label the container with the words hazardous waste and place a sign designating the area as a satellite Accumulation area.  
  4. If the facility generates waste characterized as hazardous file the notification required by federal and state requirements.
  5. Determine the location on the facility where full containers will be accumulated pending shipment off site.  
  6. Using a site map of your facility, mark the location on the map where your satellite, universal, and 90/180/270 day waste accumulation areas are located.
  7. Place required signage in the area designated in #4 above. Make sure the area has the necessary compliance requirements for a waste accumulation area.  
  8.  Transfer full containers from satellite accumulation areas to 90/180/270 day accumulation areas.
  9. Track the amount of waste that is characterized as RCRA hazardous waste that is generated monthly to document the type of generator your facility is. 
  10. Determine how the facility plans to manage the waste.  
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