Stormwater/SPCC Workbook

Stormwater Program Workbook

This workbook is included in the base cost of the Complete ENSAT EMS  System Package and the Stormwater/SPCC module (if purchased as a stand-a-lone product).   The workbook can be downloaded separately from our EMS system as a Microsoft Excel workbook for $199.95 or a cloud copy can be leased for $15/month for 18 months. At the completion of the 18 lease, the workbook can be downloaded to excel workbook at no charge, and the hosting fee is reduced to an annual fee of $25.   

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Technical memo developed for a ship owner based on results of a company-wide MARPOL compliance investigation conducted by M&O. Includes input from crew, owner, law enforcement, regulatory agencies  Mar 23, 2015, 8:39 AM Bill Graves