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Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos Management Plan & O&M Manual
Asbestos Program Manager:  Name

1.0 Management of areas with friable & assumed friable asbestos.

 The facility contracts activities associated with asbestos disturbance in regulated areas to an outside 3rd party that is trained and licensed.

2.0 Management of Non Friable Asbestos  

This section provides information for non-friable asbestos.   The facility manages areas containing non-friable ACM through a periodic inspection and sampling program to confirm that the ACM material has not become friable and does not present a workplace concern as defined by OSHA. 

Demolition activities in these areas are covered under EPA NESHAP requirements.  These requirements include the provision that the demolition of non-friable ACM may require controls similar to those required for friable asbestos.   

3.0  Annual Inspection of Asbestos 

The facility conducts annual inspections of all known asbestos materials.  The inspections are completed by  Virginia Licensed Asbestos Inspector. 

4.0 Training Program and Records

The facility provides training to employees on asbestos and asbestos concerns.  the training program is outlined at  Training Program & Records.

5.0 Record Keeping
  1. The facility maintains a Asbestos Location Map showing known asbestos locations
  2. The facility maintains copies of all Training Program & Records and employee notifications
  3. The facility maintains copies of all Asbestos Assessment Projects documentation
6.0 Notifications

1. Employees that work in non OHSA regulated areas with Asbestos are notified by one or more of the following.
    • A sign is posted in the area of the asbestos containing material,
    • The employees are shown the locations where known asbestos is located in annual general awareness training, and
    • New employees are provided new hire orientation training on asbestos upon hire.
2. Employees are not authorized to work in regulated areas.

7.0 Signage

1.   Non-OSHA Regulated work area signage: The following is an example of a sign used to inform employees of the presence of asbestos that is present in an area but where  air concentrations do not exceed the OSHA threshold.  This sign is not acceptable for use in a regulated OSHA asbestos area.  This sign is not required to be used but is often used for informative purposes. 

2. OSHA Regulated work area signage: The following is an example of a sign used to inform employees of the presence of asbestos that is present in an area where air concentrations are assumed or have been determined to exceed the OSHA threshold. This sign designates a regulated OSHA asbestos area and should not be used as a general notice of for the presence of asbestos.    

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